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March 31, 2010

Tangled and Shattered

More sketches for the "Tarnished" series:

"Shattered" - I might take out the nest... or maybe make it bigger? I'm undecided.

"Tangled" - Her skin is going to be patterned like wood grain, and I might add some birds caught in her hair.

I think there will be 1-3 more "tarnished dolls" in this series-within-a-series.

Be sure to check out my newest illustration for LA Weekly, out this week! Here is a preview:

March 25, 2010

Blot Rot Rust

Some more sketches in my "Tarnished" series. These first three will become separate paintings of the same size. (I'm thinking 9"x12")

This one shows a little creature trapped on a rotting island with it's pet frogs dying around it and being eaten by the pitcher plants below. Dark, but cute too, right?

I don't want the creature to be any particular animal, more like all woodland creatures rolled into one little monster. I think I need to make it look weirder. Maybe add spines? Stripes? Tusks? I dunno.

In this one, a classy gentlerabbit serenely blots at a suspicious stain on his cuff. Perhaps some shit went down with that axe? Scandal!

This sketch shows a masked girl running with/from a fleet of flying robot-animal-monster-things. (yet to be drawn) I can't decide whether to have them tormenting her by sticking rusty nails in her, or trying to help her by pulling them out. I'm thinking the latter would be a little more pleasant. On a random note, I really like how I drew her front foot. I have a lot of trouble with feet sometimes...

This was just a random drawing of a dapper circus man, which eventually morphed into the idea for the sinister rabbit above.

I wanted to do a painting of a bunch of broken dolls playing with woodland creatures... I still might but I probably won't use this sketch. I think it's bound for the bookshelf of abandoned ideas. Terrible feet.

Well that's what I did today. If you haven't friended my new professional account on facebook/added my fan page, do so. I think the next raffle will only be open to people who are both my "friends" and "fans". Coercion! (Details below the "about me" section on the right in red.)

March 23, 2010

The hunt begins

Here are a bevy of new drawings for a big painting of a pack of girls hunting an enormous wild boar.

And this last drawing will be for a different painting, involving Salamander Girl playing leapfrog.

What a relief to finally be moving past my stubborn artist's block... I did these all in a day and it feels fan-tas-tic!

Finally, my usual plug:

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March 15, 2010


I biked to the LA Natural History Museum today. Just lovely! Sat for an hour or so sketching and marveling... mostly marveling... here are some of the drawings:

This giraffe just looks silly...

I want to start making this a regular thing; biking/drawing in the mornings to keep my body and skills in working condition. If anyone wants to join me in biking and sketching, I'm a NHM Member and I can get a guest in for free with me.

March 9, 2010


I'm working on something new and exciting... and merchandisetacular... with an awesome company in england. Since we're just in the beginning stages I don't want to reveal too much, so for now here is a digital quilt of some of my past work:

I've also been drawing/sketching and I'll post that tomorrow once it's all scanned.

ALSO, I'm in the process of picking the next BIG GIVEAWAY item. So stay tuned, I see a raffle in the near future.

March 4, 2010

LA Weekly Cover!

I did the cover illustration for the latest issue of LA Weekly, and I'm super excited! The story was about the health effects of children who live in high rises near the freeway.

The illustration also appears on page 15 with the story.

Final illustration: (colorase, gouache and ink wash on Stonehenge paper mounted on museum board for integrity)

Final drawing:

Preliminary thumnails:

Pre-preliminary thumbnails:

Original thumbnails: (On the theme of "the big bad wolf." Building next to a freeway is like building next to a beast... you sow the seeds of your own destruction. I really liked these but the concept was too abstract.)

Aaaand here it is in print! (Sorry for the poor quality photos.)

The cover:

With original painting:

Inside story:

Check out Julian Callos's AMAZING illustration/visual column on page 10 of the same issue. Here is the LINK!

Thank you to Daniel Lim for hooking me up with the LA Weekly team, and to Jason Jones and Darrick Rainey of LA Weekly for their great direction.

March 3, 2010


I've collected my reference, made my itunes playlist, and have been list-making like a crazy person in preparation for my next big series: "Tarnished". Gearing up for some serious drawing, painting, sketching, sculpting, bear-rug-making, etc.

These sketches are just a warm up for a piece with Japanese Macaques in it...

So... what do you think of Macaque? Couldn't resist. Sorry.

ALSO! I have three paintings in the "Everything But The Kitsch N' Sync" show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery. The opening is THIS FRIDAY from 8-11pm and if the turnout is anything like it's been the past two years that I've participated, it should be off the hook!

For info/directions/the online preview: