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January 26, 2011


Finally was able to scan these rough sketches for a super cool upcoming project... hint: new merchandise!


I can't wait to add more animals and paint these up!

January 24, 2011


Here are some sketches from the SB NHM. As I said before, they have a really amazing bird exhibit! I hope yall enjoy:

These owls were too crappy to finish... but I liked the Frigate Bird:

Ok, so... do you ever wish there was a way to keep WASPy parents from pestering you to show their tots your drawing while you're in-the-zone? I just casually kept this sketch on top of my stack of drawings... bingo:


I'm incredibly thankful to have so many followers and lovely commenters posting to this blog and sending me emails, and I want to hold another free-art-raffle to show my appreciation in the near future!

Just out of curiosity, would you guys be more excited if I raffled off some sketches, animal drawings, small paintings... small prints... what? I always prefer seeing artist's original drawings but naturally paintings are more valuable...

(As always, facebook fans will get an early heads-up when the raffle is active.)

January 20, 2011


Time for a big ol' sketchdump, right?

First off, I went to the SB Botanical Gardens with friend/artist Kristen Moore yesterday and did a little painting:

About a week ago I went to the LA Natural History Museum with friend/artist Evan Cummiskey:

Aaaand, just a few of the random chick-drawings I've done the last couple days... many more to come! (When I get around to scanning them.)

January 14, 2011

LA Weekly: New Years Baby!

Happy new year, Los Angeles! My illustration is on page 10 of this week's LA Weekly, out on news stands NOW.

As always, a BIG "thank you" to Jason and Darrick at LA Weekly!

January 11, 2011

"Feral" and Interviewed by Kelly Patton

Catch-up post:

I forgot to post the full image of this piece that I did recently for a show downtown curated by Cecil Kim:


ALSO I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the lovely and talented Kelly Patton when she interviewed me a month or two ago. She has posted the audio (22mins) on her blog: HERE

If you would like to know more about my process, how I promote, and my advise for new illustrators check it out!

January 8, 2011

Preview: "Honey" and "Nectar"

Here are some photos of two of my newest oil paintings... worked on top of some studies from a week or two ago.

Sorry for the low-quality photos, scans to come soon.

"Honey" and "Nectar"

Oil on wood

Oil on wood

(Notice the tiny scull on the hummingbird!)

I just need to glaze them and paint the sides black and they will be finished!