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November 29, 2011

"Spite" Sketch

Here is another sketch for my upcoming "Erode" series. I am tentatively calling it "Spite" but "Sabotage" and "Leech" are both possible alternative titles... can't... decide... I'll have to think about which direction I want to take the narrative and how it fits into the series as a whole and title it accordingly.

This new series "Erode" will be darker and more surreal than my previous work; I'm pretty excited to work on it!

November 27, 2011

Recent Sketches

I have a LOT of work due in the next few months and I've been making lists/starting to sketch and coming up with a concept for my new series of 8-12 pieces... "Erode."

"Host" sketch:

Random witch doodle:

Random vampire doodle:

Holiday shopping?

My painting "Famished" for the Subtext Gallery is available! (400$)
My painting "Snuffed Out" for the La Luz De Jesus Gallery 25th Anniversary Show is available! (700$)
My painting "Honey, Suckle" and my drawing "Surrogate" are available for pre-sale now and will be on display on Dec 10th at MondoPOP Gallery. (800$/400$)

My work is featured in the beautiful 2012 Bluecanvas Calendar! (10$)
My work is featured in the recently published "Cute Illustration" book by Monsa Publications. (20$)

November 18, 2011


Here was my piece for the Subtext Gallery's "Homeroom" show that opened last Friday. Please contact the gallery director at for inquiries.

Based on this drawing I did in Kindergarten:

Ink gouache and colorase on stonehenge
8"x10" framed

(Comes with a copy of the original childhood art if requested)

It was a great show and I'd like to thank Chrisina Conway for inviting me to participate!

November 2, 2011

"Famished" Teaser

Teasers for the painting I finished for the "Homeroom" show at Subtext in San Diego:


Here are are images of my two pieces for the show in Rome framed all pretty n' nice:
"Honey, Suckle"


And lastly, my work is featured in the new 2012 Bluecanvas calendar! I'm September, ooo la la! Pick up your copy HERE. There is also a link to "preview" the calendar on the same page.

November 1, 2011

"Famished" Sketch

Here's the rough sketch for my piece for the upcoming "Homeroom" show at Subtext Gallery in San Diego. The show opens Nov. 11th, here is a LINK for more info.

The theme of this show is for artists to re-interpret a work from their early childhood... how cool is that? So cool! I'll post the drawing I did in kindergarten that inspired this piece along with teasers of the final image soon.